Introducing Dina Foods Tannour® Flatbread

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest artisanal flatbread: Dina Foods Tannour® Bread!

Now sold at Morrisons, our Tannour® is the latest addition to our wide range of Mediterranean baked classics here at Dina Foods.

Dating back centuries to Mesopotamia, the word “tannour” is as versatile as the bread itself. Not only is it the name of the product, but it’s also the name of the stone or clay oven that it’s traditionally baked in. Additionally, different regions have different names for it; West Asia refers to it as “tannour”, whilst South Asia calls it “tandoor”. Nonetheless, no matter what you call it, the flatbread still holds its place as one of the most convenient, healthy, and delicious meal-time solutions.

Dina Foods Tannour® flatbread stands out from the rest due to its high levels of vitamin D and protein. It’s suitable for vegetarians and does not contain any artificial flavours or colouring, whilst being low in sugar!

Just like all of Dina Foods flatbreads, Tannour® can be eaten and used in numerous ways. You can go the classic route and fill it up like a sandwich, or you can simply cover it with a sauce of your choice like a not-so-traditional pizza. If you’re looking for something even quicker and more convenient, why not use the flatbread as a utensil and scoop up your favourite dips and sauces? You can satiate your hunger while being comfortable in the knowledge that you don’t have to wash up any dishes afterwards! Two birds, one bread.

If you’re still not convinced, pop by your nearest Morrisons and have a taste of Dina Foods Tannour® yourself!