The History of Dina Foods

Dina Foods was founded in 1992 by the Haddad brothers, Amin, Souheil, Samir and Fadi. Ever since then, Dina Foods has been a family run business where the Haddad brothers continue to put their passion for food and feeding the masses into their vocation. Family is in the essence of the business and is an integral part of its foundation. So much so, the business was actually named after one of Souheil’s daughters, Dina. Even to this day, with over 160 employees and the Dina Foods products being sold across the UK and in 18 European countries, the Haddad family continues to work together to succeed in their goal of producing high quality and authentic Lebanese products for consumers.


The Haddad brothers have always been passionate about food but their careers in the food industry began several decades prior. After arriving in the UK in the 1970s and early 80s, the Haddad brothers were inspired to bring their own roots to the UK and open a Lebanese restaurant in 1980 called Fakhreldine in Mayfair. It very quickly became the place to eat for authentic and tantalising Lebanese food. It attracted many esteemed visitors over the years and through word-of-mouth, the restaurant became a destination venue. The main unique qualities of the restaurant were: the welcoming hospitality where the guests would be made to feel like a part of the family, and also the generosity, quality and authenticity of the food, which included freshly baked Lebanese bread produced on-site in the bespoke oven. One bite left the guests wanting more!


It is from here that their vision for Dina Foods was born and soon after opening their restaurant, they established Dina Foods with the goal of producing traditional Lebanese flatbreads (known as khobez), baklawa and savoury products. As Dina Foods started expanding, the Haddad brothers transitioned from being restaurateurs to running Dina Foods full time. Their vision was to be able to deliver the flavours of the Middle East straight to consumers’ homes and Dina Foods has therefore become an extension of their restaurant. The brothers have always had the goal of delivering credible Mediterranean flavours, based on the time-honoured recipes that have been handed down over generations, whilst making sure they are delivering the highest quality products.


The Haddad brothers have been pivotal in popularising Lebanese cuisine in the UK and their dedication to the food industry continues to this day. They take pride in delivering to the masses their traditional products, while growing alongside consumer trends. With a specialist New Product Development team in place, new recipes using authentic ingredients are perfected and produced in the factory as well.


Over the years, the Haddad brothers’ family run business has developed and expanded. Dina Foods now produces many different products and operates in three dedicated factory spaces in London’s Park Royal (Bakery, Confectionary and Savoury) that are BRC accredited. While sadly Amin passed away in 2008, Dina Foods has continued to work with the same values upon which it was founded on with all four brothers. What is unequivocal is their passion for Mediterranean food, as well as their sense of community and family, all of which have contributed to their success today.


[L-R] Souheil, Fadi, Samir Haddad