Bakery Trends (2020-2021)

During 2020, bakery was at the forefront of innovation and change in the food and drink industry as lockdowns during the pandemic meant most of the population were spending an increased amount of time at home. It is forecasted that the value and volume of sales sold through UK Retailers is due to grow year on year, with volume sales expected to grow 5% while Mintel predicts value sales could reach £3.5bn – an uplift of 3.6% on 2019.


With people having to unexpectedly spend more time at home in 2020 due to the pandemic, many took the opportunity to embrace the chance to try something different in the kitchen. Baking became a trendy hobby and more consumers were recreating wraps they used to buy out-and-about before the pandemic, such as Chicken Caesar wraps, houmous and falafel and many others.


Take Dina Foods’ Paninette® for instance, a traditional yet simple Lebanese bread (known as Khobez in Arabic) on the outside but to the opportunist it is a multipurpose flat bread. Paninette’s® versatility saw consumers create some wonderful wraps and pocket filled sandwiches using their own twists and imagination. This was fantastic to see, especially during a time when bread and sandwiches perhaps didn’t have the best reputation for excitement and variety. Consumers also started using Paninette® as a pizza base, covering it with all types of toppings to create their own personal pizza, some of which you can see on the Dina Foods social media platforms. The variety is endless with this versatile range!


The enforced ‘stay at home’ safeguard also led to lots of time in front of the TV or on video calls and this resulted in an increased need for sweet treats, whether for family sharing purposes or for your own little pick-me-up. Consumers were looking for unique and tasty treats that were different to chocolate and crisps. The Dina Foods baklawa hit the mark perfectly, with its flaky filo, nuts and sugar syrup or the spectacular chocolate coated baklawa. You can’t beat chocolate coated baklawa in front of the TV or when you’re having a celebration over a video call!


This pandemic has been a sad and difficult time for many. However, baking our own sweet treats, re-creating a ‘Fakeaway’ with an authentic bread product, and indulging in new shop brought bakery goods has been a small way in helping us enjoy the little moments of this trying time while holding on for new hope for tomorrow!