Tasty Goodness® Range

The Dina Foods team has been working on an innovative rangeof flatbreads under the new Tasty Goodness® range. It comprisesof three flatbread varieties which offers a customer-pleasingcombination of health, convenience and innovation.
There are three variants to Tasty Goodness®:


The Sourdough option is
naturally fermented for.
easy digestion


The seeded option is baked with a
variety of wholesome seeds, including
sunflower, pumpkin, linseed and quinoa
offering a good source of vitamins for
energy and vitality

Mini Flat-Bread Demi-Pain

Completing the lineup is the
Demi Pain, pre-sliced for

All three of the breads are made using 50/50 wholemeal and white flour

Made with bespoke equipment in the Dina Foods factory, the seeded and sourdough variants come in packs of six miniflatbreads and the Demi Pain is sold in packs of eight.
Tasty Goodness® is sold in convenient tear-off twin packs to help reduce foodwaste and ensure our customers get the most out of the 45 dayshelf life from each of the two packs.
Our new Tasty Goodness® breads are perfect on-the-go for theactive person, convenient for the family looking for a quick,healthy food choice and also appeals to those wanting to trysomething a little different in their diet.